Idris Elba Replaces Jamie Foxx as a Gangster Rap Artist in Harmony Korine’s THE TRAP

     March 24, 2015


Spring Breakers writer/director Harmony Korine’s next project is firming up, and it looks to be every bit as wild and intriguing as his last film. We learned last fall that Korine had cast Benicio Del Toro and Jamie Foxx to star in a gangster drama called The Trap, but now a casting swap and some fantastic ensemble additions have taken place as Focus Features is coming on to distribute. THR reports that Idris Elba is replacing Foxx in the pic, with Al Pacino, James Franco, and Robert Pattinson also in final talks to join the cast.

Elba will play a gangster rap artist named Rico who is at the top of his career when Slim (Del Toro), his best friend who took the fall for him for a robbery, is released from prison after 14 years. Now on the outside, Slim is determined to exact revenge on his adversary, who not only achieved fame and fortune but also married Slim’s ex-girlfriend and has raised Slim’s son as his own.


Image via Bleeker Street Media

If the notion of Elba playing a gangster rap artist isn’t enticing enough, wait until you hear who these new additions are playing. Pattinson is set as an Uzi-wielding surfer enlisted by Slim to help get back at Rico, Franco will take on the role of Rico’s cocaine-happy manager, and Pacino will be playing Slim’s parole officer. Give me this movie now, please.

Lionsgate is handling international distribution and with Focus coming on to take care of the film domestically, things are moving right along to begin production in Miami this summer. Could Korine get another wonderfully against type performance from Elba to rival that of Franco in Spring Breakers? We can only hope.


Image via A24 Films

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