THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON Comic-Con Interview – A Short Interview With Ashley Greene, Director Chris Weitz and Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg

     July 27, 2009


Comic-Con is crazy. You’ve got hundreds of reporters trying to get some time with all the various actors and directors making appearances at the convention. So when you finally get to sit down with whoever you’re scheduled to talk with, you’ve got very little time to ask your questions. While normally a short interview might not be worth posting, when it’s “Twilight: New Moon”, you post whatever you have as the fanbase is always wanting to hear whatever was said. So after the jump you can read a short interview with Ashley Greene, director Chris Weitz and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. Take a look:

Twilight New Moon teaser movie poster.jpgQuestion: Chris, what were the challenges of adapting a ‘Twilight’ book versus other novels and the second one in a series?

Weitz: Well, Melissa is really the first person to ask because she wrote the screenplay, but in terms of the visuals, the last film I did was set in a sort of parallel universe so we could reinvent the wheel. This one is not only set in a very specific place but also a universe that’s already been established. We were able to take a world that had already been established and put it in a setting that’s just incredibly rich and beautiful.

Question: Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson have become true superstars. What do you think is the secret of their appeal?

Rosenberg: Personally, for me, it’s how genuine they both are. Authentic.

Greene: Their chemistry is incredible.

Rosenberg: Their chemistry is incredible together and then individually as well they’re great.

Question: Ashley, you and Kellan Lutz play siblings in this film and then you move on to the next film you’re doing together and you’re not siblings. Is that hard to adjust between the two different relationships?

Greene: No, it wasn’t because Kellan and I know each other so well. So it was kind of a no brainer, and again, we’ve already got this kind of chemistry. So it wasn’t hard at all. I was kind of wondering about that, the whole thing because he is one of my very closest friends and we definitely have a real platonic relationship. So, going in and playing a romance I was wondering if it was going to be harder or easier but because we’re already so comfortable with each other it was actually less awkward than kissing someone that I didn’t know.

The Twilight Saga New Moon movie image Kristen Stewart 1.jpg

Question: How many versions of the wolf did you have and CG wise how long did that take to come up with?

Weitz: Well, we knew very quickly that we wanted it to look like a wolf. Once you’ve made that crucial decision you don’t have to spend as much time on it. There weren’t the usual R & D art renderings and conceptual art that you do for this sort of thing. Getting into the various details like the fur, the muscles, the fat over the muscles, the way that the light hits the fur, that stuff takes months.

Question: How important was Taylor’s [Lautner] transformation for his character work in this film?

Weitz: Well, because I felt that he had the feeling of the character. It’s a bonus that he happens to look like Adonis and he really looks like a cartoon character when he takes his shirt off, in a good way. I don’t think any steroids were employed. He’s just incredibly fit and that’s great and probably for the girls. But to me he was the character.

Question: What do you think that you’re bringing to ‘New Moon’ that’s different from the previous film?

Weitz: I think that I’m very old fashioned in terms of my film references and what appeals to me, in a way with camera moves and a depth of color to bring things to it.

Question: Ashley, what scenes are you looking forward to shooting?

The Twilight Saga New Moon movie image Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson.jpgGreene: I just got the script probably three days ago so I haven’t had too much time to dig into it but I will when I go and work with my coach and bounce ideas off of her. It’s nice though because we’re playing the same characters and are essentially building onto them and digging deeper into their layers. So I feel like the hard part of it is kind of over and now I’m just having fun with it. I mean, I’m excited about filming ‘Eclipse’ and I don’t want to give anything away. I’m excited about every scene that I have in the film.

Question: Were there any surprises in the script for you?

Greene: No, nothing.

Question: How much of the cool toy box do you inherit in the sequel?

Weitz: I mean, I inherited a great cast. When I was offered the film I hadn’t read the book yet and when I was offered the film I realized that there was these kind of deep currents of longing and romance to it and I inherited a huge fan base which is incredible for me because you know that people are going to see your movie. That’s what you worry about when you make a film in the first place. You work so hard and knowing that people are going to go and see it is tremendously refreshing.

The Twilight Saga New Moon movie image Kristen Stewart.jpgQuestion: Ashley, has the phenomenon of ‘Twilight’ bonded you and your cast mates differently than how actors bond on other films, other projects?

Greene: Yeah. I mean, I obviously can’t speak to anyone else’s personal bond because I don’t know, but I think that we’re all definitely looking at each other, going, ‘What’s going on? What do you do? Does this happen to you?’ So it’s nice to have someone right there going through the same thing and that can relate to it. I think it’s had a tremendous effect on how close we’ve all become.

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