WATCHMEN Producer Lloyd Levin Prepping Adaptation of Stranger Comics’ THE UNTAMED

     August 27, 2010


Stranger Comics has yet to release a single issue, but the upstart company already has an adaptation of The Untamed is already in the works.  Written by Sebastian A. Jones, The Untamed follows “a man who makes a deal with the devil to be released from hell for seven days to reap vengeance on the seven souls who murdered him and his family.”  Gotta admit, that’s pretty badass.

Jones will pen the adaptation himself, with Eureka co-creator Andrew Cosby making his directorial debut.  Lloyd Levin is one of the producers on the film — with credits for both Hellboys and Watchmen, he certainly has the resume for the project.  Hit the jump for the official press release.



Independent comic book publishers rarely get the stunning Hollywood deals right off the bat, let alone before they officially release their first comic book. So it is with great pride that STRANGER COMICS announces that their first title, THE UNTAMED, has been acquired by visionary producer Lloyd Levin (WATCHMEN, HELLBOY, TOMB RAIDER). This marks the first time in history a comic company has sold its maiden property as a feature film before the official launch of the comic book title.

Written by Sebastian A. Jones with art by Peter Bergting (DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, FRAZETTA’S CREATURES) and Darrell May, THE UNTAMED is a dark fantasy tale following the story of a man who makes a deal with the devil to be released from hell for seven days to reap vengeance on the seven souls who murdered him and his family. But his quest for retribution turns to one of redemption when he’s given a second chance to make the right decision, even though it may cost him his immortal soul.

The film appealed to Levin on many levels and he’s eager to start preproduction. “The tale is Untamed and so is the filmmaking,” said Levin who is assembling an elite team of renaissance entertainment pioneers. Levin will produce with Andrew Sugerman (CONVICTION, SHOP GIRL) and tyro screenwriter and producer Jones. Set to direct is Andrew Cosby (Co-Founder of BOOM! Studios, Co-Creator of EUREKA), who has passed up many other opportunities to make THE UNTAMED his directorial debut.

Said Cosby of the film, “We want to do for fantasy what THE MATRIX did for cyberpunk, and what the THE DARK NIGHT did for superheroes. Like those films, we consider ours to be an important evolution in the genre. It’s dark, powerful, gut-wrenching stuff, unlike anything that’s currently being done.” Perhaps this revolution is why Levin sees THE UNTAMED not just as the first film of a potential franchise but as one of many interconnected properties. “Sebastian has spent twenty years developing the characters and the world of ASUNDA where the story takes place. This is a fully realized, incredibly detailed and immersive universe, and the tale of the Stranger and THE UNTAMED is just one of many,” says Levin with an eye to the future.


STRANGER COMICS was founded by Jones to protect the rights of THE UNTAMED and the world of ASUNDA, but the company’s plans go far beyond this initial offering. STRANGER aims to become the premier brand for quality in the digital age, and the company has numerous other titles either in production or in development. At STRANGER, Jones is partnered with visual effects guru Ken Locsmandi (THE MATRIX, DONNIE DARKO, APOCALYPTO) in a strategic alliance that ideally positions the company for the coming digital revolution.

Stranger Comics (Asunda, Black Eye Dog and Arcane Imagination) is a multi-platform publishing company based in Los Angeles. Born from a desire to take storytelling back to the days of yore; Stranger Comics is set to offer entertaining and exceptional stories. The company is also passionate about remaining green. All comics are printed on recycled paper.

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