THE WALKING DEAD Mid-Season Premiere Trailer Features a Bad Moon Rising

     January 17, 2014


The anticipated return of AMC’s The Walking Dead just got a little more hype today with the release of the mid-season premiere trailer.  After the devastating events of the mid-season finale, we find the survivors scattered to the wind and attempting to survive out in the wild without allies and supplies.  As the trailer teases, new threats and difficulties will test them all, as they are left without the relative comfort and security of the prison community.  Your guess is as good as mine as to who makes it out alive.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, February 9th at 9pm on AMC.  Hit the jump to watch the mid-season premiere trailer.

Watch the trailer for The Walking Dead mid-season premiere below:


Following the devastating events of the mid-season finale, Rick and the group are still reeling from the loss of their home, family, and friends. With the destruction of the prison, we see the group of survivors broken apart and sent on divergent paths, unsure of everyone else’s fate. What was a challenging life behind fences and walls grows that much more perilous and precious as they are exposed to new dangers, new enemies, and heartbreaking choices. They will have their faith thoroughly tested — a faith that breaks some of them and redeems others.


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