THE WALKING DEAD Recap – “Dead Weight”

     November 24, 2013


On tonight’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we spent the second straight week in the company of a new group of survivors, people who remain ignorant of the wolf in sheep’s clothing that’s lurking among the herd.  Luckily, this sidetrack only last two episodes as it looks like we’re in for a rematch of last season’s major aggressors on next week’s mid-season finale.  But before we get to the carnage to come, let’s take a look at the road that led to it.  Hit the jump for my recap and review of tonight’s episode, “Dead Weight”.

the-walking-dead-dead-weightLet’s get something out of the way before we go any further: I’m not a fan of the direction they’ve decided to take The Governor (David Morrissey), but I admire the commitment to the character that both Morrissey and the writing staff clearly have.  Last week’s reintroduction of The Governor made it seem as if he was at least taking the first steps on the path toward redemption, but this week flipped that all around in the time it took to swing a golf club.  Now, with The Governor rebuilding his forces and reassuming a position of leadership before mounting another assault on the prison, it just feels as if we’re retreading over old ground.  Let’s take a look at how we got to this point.

When last we left The Governor, he had taken the remaining members of the Chambler family – Lilly (Audrey Marie Anderson), Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Meghan (Meyrick Murphy) – under his wing.  While they avoided the Walker horde, the fell into the trap of The Governor’s former soldier, Caesar Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo), and his right-hand men, Mitch (Kirk Acevedo) and Pete.  While The Governor was willing to take on a new family and camp to replace those he lost, he was apparently unwilling to accept anyone else either in the position of authority or sharing that authority with him.  It’s all or nothing for The Governor now, and “Dead Weight” proved (once again) that he’s beyond redemption.

It didn’t really take much for the gubernatorial antagonist to snap, did it?  One minute, Martinez is drinking with him and driving some golf balls like the good old days, and the next minute, The Governor conks Martinez over the head and drags him into the Walker pit.  Then, he was only a kidney stab of Pete and a deal with Mitch away from going full-on Governor again.  That’s terrible news for Rick and the gang, as they’ve been ravaged by the virus that’s swept through the prison … and The Governor now has a tank.

the-walking-dead-dead-weight-david-morrisseyIt’s possible that The Governor is the one responsible for spreading the plague among the prisoners.  I don’t think we’ve quite seen the two timelines resolve just yet, so there’s still a chance that he has been feeding the Walkers infected rats while amassing his weapons cache and supplies back at the camp.  If The Governor isn’t behind the illness, then that plot element has been a waste, because it takes an interesting wrinkle away from his character and adds it to some mysterious and as-of-yet unidentified entity.  I guess we’ll find out next week!

How do you think it’s going to shake down on the mid-season finale?  The Governor has a renewed sense of purpose and a group of survivors who are hungry for a better existence, rather than the soft and coddled citizens of the town of Woodbury.  Oh, and they have a tank, so … How many casualties is Rick (Andrew Lincoln) willing to suffer after his group has already been so devastated by the disease?  We know The Governor can and will sacrifice every living soul under his command to get what he wants.  How hard is Rick willing to fight for a place that’s brought little more than misery and death?  It’s probable the prison group will flee before the wrath of The Governor, because I can’t imagine them rehashing the same plot of season three point for point.  Time will tell!

Rating: B-

Walker kills: Only five. (Two of them were just heads)

Casualties: Martinez, Campers, Camp survivor, Pete

Best effect: The Walker bog was a fun twist.

Best Kill: Okay, so the kill was lame, but it was pretty cool seeing Pete anchored to the bottom of the lake to start The Governor’s new collection.

Odds & Entrails:

the-walking-dead-season-4-david-morrisseyThe Governor: “My father used to beat me at everything.”

Meghan: “My dad was always mean to me.”

Martinez: “Contribute or be cast out. Can you live with that … Brian?”

Meghan: “Brian … it’s your turn.” Governor: “I’m thinkin’.”

Are Tara and Alicia the first gay couple on the show?

Alicia: “You always this full of shit?” Tara: “Yes I am.

Mitch: “Better listen to One-Eye Bri, Pete. I can never tell if he’s winkin or blinkin’, but you know how to regulate, don’t you?”

Mitch: “End of the world don’t mean shit when you got a tank.”

Meghan: “Is this a good camp?”

The Governor: “I don’t want it.”

The Governor: “Things are about to go very wrong here.”

The Governor to Mitch: “Work with me and you won’t have to worry about doing the right thing or the wrong thing, because we’ll do the only thing.”

The Governor: “Everybody loves a hero.”

I do like that The Governor is starting a new Walker collection in the lake, but that’s a helluva waste of good water.

The Governor: “Maybe we can find a better place, if we’re willing to fight for it.”

Will the mid-season finale start off with The Governor still lining up Michonne (Danai Gurira) in his sights?  Or will his plague plot be revealed?

Next week on the mid-season finale – The Governor: “They got walls, fences, peace of mind, nothing between us and them, if we’re willing to take it from them.”

Be sure to tune in next week for our recap and review of The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale, and take to the comments to let us know how it’s all going to go down!