‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Posters Announce Negan’s Bloody Arrival

     September 6, 2016


Following the release of the first full trailer for The Walking Dead Season 7 at San Diego Comic Con this year, anticipation for AMC’s flagship, zombie-fueled program’s return has rarely been so intense. As you almost certainly know if you’ve used the internet at all this year, Season 6 of the program ended with the first appearance of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the arch-nemesis of Andrew Lincoln‘s Rick and his community. Season 7 will presumably open with Negan using his trusty bat, named Lucille, to send one of Rick’s most trusted allies into the next world, and conversations have been endless, pointless, and unmerciful on figuring out just who will have their final meeting with Lucille.


Image via Image Comics

The last batch of posters for Season 7 focused on the sight of the core group with barb-wire-wrapped Lucille hovering alongside their faces, and the latest trio of posters via AMC similarly focus on how the world of The Walking Dead, Rick’s group, and Alexandria will be affected by Negan and his cronies. You can check out the new posters below, which feature two images of Negan – his shadow cast across Alexandria’s gate and holding Lucille over his shoulder – and one of Rick on his knees.

These are pretty familiar images for those who have watched the footage available from Season 7 and watched Season 6 all the way through, so there’s no big surprises. At this point, nothing short of some major plotline reveal or an image that foreshadows Negan’s fatal choice will push fan anticipation beyond the frenzied state it’s currently at. For most of us, it’s just a matter of waiting for October 23rd to arrive so we can find out who got turned into ground chuck and get on with our lives finally.

Here’s the new posters for The Walking Dead Season 7:

the-walking-dead-season-7-poster-negan-bat the-walking-dead-season-7-poster-andrew-lincoln the-walking-dead-season-7-poster-negan-shadow


Image via AMC/Gene Page


Image via AMC


Image via AMC