Jeffrey Dean Morgan Confirms Negan Will Return for ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8, Surprises No One

     November 30, 2016


The entrance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s ruthless, sadistic Negan into the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead has caused what I would call a sizable epidemic of tizzies. To hear it from the people afflicted, it’s as if the series had suddenly decided to include notoriously graphic violence and kill off major characters in not-so-genteel ways. This is, of course, complete and utter nonsense. It’s understandable that people would be horrified, even revolted by how Negan dispatched


Image via AMC

It’s understandable that people would be horrified, even revolted by how Negan dispatched with Steven Yeun‘s beloved Glenn, a death foretold in the source material, but what exactly did people want? A soft out for one of the show’s most steadfast, heartening characters? Have you been watching this show for six seasons or what? Negan is the most volatile, clever, and unrepentant nemesis of Rick’s group and the series has done a service by not making him into someone halfway relatable like The Governor. In an age where every single superhero movie since The Dark Knight has failed to make a compelling, scary villain, Negan is a towering, terrifying figure of menace and you can tell Morgan is having a ball playing him.

So, it’s certainly nice to hear that, as SHH reports, Morgan will be returning to the role for Season 8 of AMC’s juggernaut series; Morgan made the comment during an interview with Howard Stern. It’s also news that anyone who knows anything about the current season, or the source material, had to assume was going to happen anyway. It’s unclear just how close the rest of this season (or the series, for that matter) will reflect the source material but the thought of having Negan arrive for one season-long arc and then disappear seemed ridiculous from the beginning. The show has changed with him and, not surprisingly, all the critics who have called the series repetitive, a frankly preposterous claim, have not taken notice or even seemed to care. Figures.