‘The Walking Dead’ Storyboard Art Shows How the Season 9 Premiere Came to Life

     November 1, 2018

the-walking-dead-season-9-storyboard-sliceAt this year’s Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, storyboard artist Mark Simon gave an engaging presentation on how storyboarding is essential to creating The Walking Dead. Simon was hired for Season 9 to provide storyboarding and animatics for complicated camera angles, stunts and special effects. Essentially, he helps bring the director’s vision to life. Simon creates 35-80 drawings per day, matching the production schedule, drawing what’s going to be filmed first and ensuring the 500 cast and crew (excluding extras) work off the same blueprint.

Animatics help the directors know the timing of the shot and where to add the special effects. Simon’s efforts were invaluable for the opening episode of Season 9. Based on a real museum with glass floors, the scene was filmed in the Georgia State Capitol where they green-screened a marble floor but hauled a real wagon down the staircase.

Check out Simon’s storyboard images from the Season 9 premiere below: