‘The Walking Dead’ Star Sonequa Martin-Green Boards ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ in Lead Role

     December 14, 2016


The Walking Dead fans have been through a lot this year, but it looks like they might have another fan-favorite loss incoming. Series star Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha on AMC’s hit zombie apocalypse series, has landed the lead role in CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery. Martin-Green will be the first African-American woman to lead the cast of a Star Trek ensemble and per EW, she will play a lieutenant commander on the titular spaceship.

The report states that Martin-Green will continue to star on The Walking Dead, but I’m taking that statement with a big “for now” since the sustainability of that arrangement is questionable in the long run. The Walking Dead films in Georgia while Discovery will shoot in Toronto, Canada, and while a gap in TWD’s filming schedule may allow Martin-Green to remain on board the series for a time, Discovery is a massive project for CBS and it’s hard to imagine the actress will be able to balance the filming schedules and promotion rounds for both for too. Plus, The Walking Dead kills everyone, and Sasha’s already been around longer than usual for a non-OG character.


Image via AMC

Martin-Green is the latest addition to the series, which is casting up at a fairly rapid rate. Michelle Yeoh was the first actor to board the series as the captain of another ship, the Shenzhou. Elsewhere, professional chameleon and exceptional prosthetics performer Doug Jones will introduce a brand new alien species to the Star Trek universe as Lt. Saru the main Starfleet Science Officer. Anthony Rapp of Rent fame will play the televised Star Trek universe’s first gay character, Lt. Stamets, an “astromycologist,” fungus expert, and Starfleet Science Officer aboard the Starship Discovery.

Earlier this week, Discovery added Chris ObiShazad Latif and Mary Chieffo as a trio of Klingons — T’Kuvma (Obi), a leader seeking to unite the Klingon houses; Kol (Latif), a Klingon Commanding Officer and protege of T’Kuvma; and L’Rell (Chieffo), the Battle Deck Commander of a Klingon ship.

Star Trek Discovery is scheduled to premiere on CBS All Access May 2017.