THE WALKING DEAD Spinoff Setting Revealed to Be Los Angeles

     December 16, 2014


AMC has been rather secretive when it comes to its potential The Walking Dead spinoff.  Given that the original series is the most watched show on all of television, we knew some sort of brand extension was coming sooner or later.  Comic book creator and TV show executive producer Robert Kirkman is executive producing the potential spinoff, which is currently in the pilot stage, but details regarding how the show relates to the original have been few and far between.  We do know that the new series focuses on an entirely different group of survivors and we presumed that it would also take place in an entirely new location.  That suspicion has now been confirmed, as a new report reveals The Walking Dead spinoff setting as Los Angeles.  More after the jump.

the-walking-dead-spinoffThe folks over at TV Line reveal that The Walking Dead spinoff will be set in the city of Los Angeles, which is quite far from the location of the original series, Atlanta.  That probably means we won’t be seeing any crossover between the two shows for quite some time, but early word has it that this new spinoff will also be taking place at a different time than the original show, focusing on the early days of the zombie apocalypse.

It’s unclear where the production of the spinoff will be based and whether it will actually shoot in L.A. or if another city will serve as a double, but casting is well underway with Cliff Curtis, Frank Dillane, and Malycia Debnam Carey already set as the leads.  Filming on the pilot will take place in early 2015 with TV veteran Adam Davison directing, after which AMC will make a final decision over whether to order the pilot to series or pass.  Given the immense popularity of The Walking Dead, I would be shocked if AMC didn’t order the spinoff pilot to series.