‘The Walking Dead’ Video Recap Show: Don’t Mess with Daryl

     November 16, 2015


The Walking Dead recap show is back on Collider Video with hosts John Rocha, Kaori Takee, Quinn Marie and Josh Macuga. It’s Episode 6 of Season 6, ‘Always Accountable’ and with only two more episodes remaining before the mid-season finale, tensions are at a fever pitch. With Rick and crew battling back in Alexandria we find this entire episode dedicated to Sasha, Abraham and Daryl and the aftermath of their herding attempt.

The episode opens with them meeting up with Rick, and joining the mayhem to get the walkers out of town,when they’re attacked by Wolves, which sends them in the opposite directions.


Image via AMC

Sasha and Abraham stay together in the beat-up Oldsmobile, which is not only extinct in the real world, but also the Walker world as well. That car looks like something a 16 year old drives ironically (or what Shia Lebouf was supposed to own in Transformers.) Circling back, Sasha and Abraham find themselves back in the town that took Glenn, while Daryl ventures into the scorched woods to find three new ‘friends’ that knock him out and hold him hostage before they know what he’s capable of doing.

In classic Daryl fashion, he plays the brooding good guy who not only saves the day, but saves some lives in the process. Don’t mess with Daryl. He’s a legend and a true gentleman, and unbelievably accurate with a crossbow … even if he does have a terrible haircut. It’s Daryl’s world and we’re all just living in it. It just takes some convincing to get past the rock-solid exterior to see into his gushy center.

Meanwhile, stuck on Glenn’s demise, it becomes apparent that Abraham is into Sasha, and in a weird turn of events decides to play his cards and leave the friend zone. It is true what they say, nobody can resist a shaggy ginger handlebar mustache. And while sexual tension mounts, so do the walkers … oh, and Abraham found a rocket launcher and cigars, so … you know … here comes the boom.

In this world it’s dangerous to be good-hearted, so Daryl gets the tables turned on him. But he’s able to find his way out and meet up with Abraham and Sasha. While heading home, we hear on the radio: “help.” Is it Glenn? Who needs help? What’s coming next?


Image via AMC