‘The Warriors’ Cast Reunites for One More Subway Ride Out to Coney Island

     September 25, 2015


It’s easy to get cynical about movies, what with more people having seen The Room than, say, a John Cassavetes joint at this point. Fetishizing so-bad-its-good movies rather than actually seeking out wild, ingenious, and insightful works that inspire genuine reflection and  philosophical rumination is not only easy, but also quite a lot of fun. Need proof? Just check out how many “bad movie” podcasts are available on iTunes. So, it’s both rare and hugely uplifting to see a pure expression of sincere movie love these days, and not just you and your friends dressing up like The Joker, Princess Leia, or The Driver from Drive for a midnight screening. Such was the spectacle on September 13th of a reunited cast of The Warriors, Walter Hill‘s brash, forceful B-movie classic, riding New York City’s beloved (and not-so-beloved) Q line out to Coney Island, the home base of the titular gang in Hill’s film.


Image via Paramount

In honor of the event, which was organized by die-hard fans of The Warriors, Rolling Stone  tagged along for the ride and took video of the events, which included a huge celebration at Coney Island at the end of the cast’s trip. The available cast included Michael Beck, who played de-facto gang leader Swan, alongside David Harris, Dorsey Wright, Terry Michos, and Thomas G. Waites, all of whom sported the dark-red vests of The Warriors in Hill’s film. (My question is: Where the heck is James Remar?) Reflecting on the event, Beck said “”I just love being here with all the fans. I see kids coming here, eight years old, and I go ‘How do you even know about this movie?'” The film has a major cult status – which I touched on when writing about it a few weeks ago –  so, it’s not so surprising, and it’s not like genuine cinephilia is entirely rare. Despite what many people may think, there are still plenty of people willing to explore streaming services, DVD bargain bins, and, yes, illegal torrent/streaming sites to find gems as marginally famous as The Warriors.

Check out Rolling Stone’s videos and other quotes from the event here.



Image via Rolling Stone

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