The WEST WING Cast Reunites to Promote Big Block of Cheese Day

     January 16, 2015


If you’re a fan of The West Wing (and you should be), you’re no doubt familiar with the phrase “Big Block of Cheese Day”.  In 1837, President Jackson hauled a 1,400-pound block of cheese into the White House and held an open house in which citizens and his staff discussed issues while enjoying the surely delicious cheese.  On The West Wing, the late John Spencer’s Leo McGarry was an enthusiastic fan of this tradition (to much eyeball-rolling from his staff members), and now the West Wing cast has reunited to promote a real Big Block of Cheese Day at the White House (the second annual, in fact), where the Obama administration will take to social media on Wednesday, January 21st to answer questions about the President’s State of the Union address and issues that are most important to you, the citizen.

The video is chock-full of cheese puns, which are great, but mostly it’s just damn good to see these guys back together again (and yes, they did all get together).  Watch the video after the jump and try not to want to go rewatch some West Wing afterwards.

For more information on The White House’s Big Block of Cheese Day, being held on January 21st, click here.