Watch a 3-Minute Supercut of THE WIRE’s Use of Tautology

     May 28, 2015


Bless the internet, and the people who have the time to go through all five seasons of David Simon’s seminal HBO series The Wire in order to pull out all of the show’s uses of tautology. What is tautology? It’s the repetition of a word to illustrate a concept that doesn’t actually add any clarity to the statement. Typical examples are “what’s done is done,” and “what happens, happens.” In The Wire, it also includes some of the show’s most recognizable quotes like “murders stay murder” and “the king stay the king” (or my favorite, “my name is my name!”)

Perhaps even more impressively, the YouTube user Propolandante also managed to put all of these uses in chronological order. It’s great work all around. Check out the three-minute video below; and obviously, there are spoilers if you haven’t watched the show. Since it’s one of the most important social documents of an era, though, you probably should go ahead and do that. But hey, it is what it is.


Image via HBO