‘The X-Files’ Reboot: New Trailer, Poster Suggest the Truth is Still Out There

     October 20, 2015


We’re just a little short of three months away from the return of The X-Files to Fox in a revival series that will last six episodes, and anticipation is starting to build into a kind of frenzy. In the last few weeks, a series of trailers and images have been coming in, giving brief snippets of information on what this short revival might cover and how some old favorites may fit into the new episodes. And as a way to prepare those who weren’t around for the first run of Chris Carter‘s insanely influential sci-fi series, it was announced last week that the entire initial run is getting Blu-ray release, with a long-overdue A/V buff-and-shine and a tonnage of supplementals. The latest addition to the rev-up is a poster featuring the all-too-familiar quasi-silhouette of William B. Davis‘ Cigarette Smoking Man, Mulder’s longtime nemesis, and a new trailer that gives us a clear look at Mitch Pileggi‘s Skinner and Joel McHale character.

Check out the new trailer for The X-Files revival below:

From what we’ve heard so far about the highly secretive new episodes is that they will have a hearty mix of a bigger governmental paranoia arc and smaller cases, which proved a winning combination in the original series’ first four seasons. There was a perfect balance between episodic storylines featuring Native American werewolf lore, submarines that make you age rapidly, or incest-prone neanderthals toiling away in a small American town, and looming arcs about aliens, governmental secrecy, and the personal histories of Agents Mulder and Scully (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson). The limited run of the revival suggests that the bigger arc will have to take precedence, but Carter has proven to be adept at creating strange stories that pack an emotional wallop without much backstory or exposition. Then again, if these new stories end up being anything like the dreadful nonsense that was going on in the unbearable The X-Files: I Want to Believe, there’s going to be a whole lot of frustrated X-Files fans come the end of the season premiere on January 24th.

Here’s the new X-Files poster in full:



Image via Fox