THE X-FILES Might Return to Fox With David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

     January 18, 2015


After almost seven years of chatter about a potential theatrical sequel (which never really seemed that likely given the paltry gross for 2008’s The X-Files: I Want to Believe) , it looks likes The X-Files is headed back to where it truly belongs, TV.  During the ongoing TCA conference Fox TV Group chairman Gary Newman announced that series creator Chris Carter is in talks with the network for a new, probably limited, run of the show.

In even better news it seems as though Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are onboard with this plan.  Though it may take a while to put the whole thing together.  Hit the jump for more on The X-Files returning to TV.

the-x-files-i-want-to-believeThe reason it may take a while?  Scheduling.  Per Deadline:

Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden said that the conversations so far have been only logistical, looking at windows when the key X-Files players, creator Carter and stars Duchovny and Anderson, are available. She confirmed that a potential X-Filesfollowup will star the original leading duo of Duchovny and Anderson. There have been no creative discussions yet about what that new series might be.

Still, if they’re talking availability that at the very least indicates a tangible willingness to return.  And Fox seems like they’re ready to throw money at this thing following the successful reboot of 24. Personally, I think this material is far better suited to television where you’re not staking the success of the entire endeavor on one scenario.  Mulder and Scully thrived because we saw them in a variety of situations that could course correct a few weeks later if they ever got off track.