THE X-FILES Return Will Likely Include Skinner and Cigarette Smoking Man

     April 1, 2015


Here’s more proof that, when you have a choice in late night, always go with David Letterman. David Duchovny stopped by Late Show with David Letterman last night to discuss a number of things, but primarily, Duchovny’s visit offered a few more morsels of information regarding the recently announced return of The X-Files. Though only Duchovny, co-star Gillian Anderson, and show creator Chris Carter have solid deals currently, Duchovny suggested that the new series will look to incorporate both Mitch Pileggi’s Assistant FBI Director Skinner and Cigarette Smoking Man (William B. Davis). Meanwhile, TVWise suggests that Agent Doggett (Robert Patrick) and Reyes (Annabelle Gish) will also be involved in the upcoming six-episode season.


Image via Fox

Though I personally can’t speak to enjoying the Doggett-Reyes years in the X-Files timeline, these announcements speak to certain level of ambition for the new season. One has to hope, however, that Carter won’t try too hard to pull-off an Avengers or Justice League type situation and wrangle the entire universe of original characters into the new six-episode stretch; no one needs another Tooms episode. The news over the weekend that the new series will be a mix of large-arch storytelling and monster-of-the-week procedural speaks optimistically, however, to the show not getting too bogged down in plot and rather playing towards the unique case-by-case trajectory that originally made the show so hugely popular. Regardless, there’s still plenty of time, and plenty more announcements to be made, before we get a clear sense of what Carter and his team have in store.

Watch the Late Show clip below:


Image via Fox