Find Out Where You Can See THE INTERVIEW on Christmas Day; Plus Sony Re-Releases Final “In Franco & Rogen We Trust” Trailer

     December 23, 2014


It’s been a genuinely crazy past couple of weeks, but at long last The Interview is indeed opening in theaters on Christmas Day.  After the five biggest theater chains in the country refused to show the film due to threats from the North Korean hackers, Sony pulled directors Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s follow-up to last year’s This Is the End from theaters, prompting the President of the United States himself to chime in and say the movie should still be released.  Sony Pictures announced today that they’ve reversed their decision and will open The Interview on Christmas Day in any theater willing to play it, but this puts those major theater chains in an unenviable position in that they’ve already sold tickets to Christmas showings of other films and thus can’t fit The Interview in.

Regardless, smaller theaters are starting to chime in saying they’ll be showing the film, and we’ve got a running list of where you can see The Interview on opening day.  Moreover, Sony has re-released a final trailer for the film that directly addresses the controversy; it was initially pulled shortly after going online. 

the-interview-posterHere’s a list of theaters that are selling tickets for The Interview starting Christmas Day (via Mashable). Sony hasn’t unveiled an official roll sheet, so if there are some we missed let us know and we’ll add them accordingly:


The Edge 12, Birmingham


Harkins Theatres, Phoenix
Loft Cinema, Tuscon
The Valley Art, Tempe


Riverdale 10, Little Rock


Agoura Hills Stadium 8, Agoura Hills
Cinefamily, Los Angeles
Cinémas Palme D’Or, Coachella Valley
Commerce 14, City of Commerce
Crest Westwood, Los Angeles
East Hills Mall, Bakersfield
Foothill Cinema Stadium 10, Azusa
Fontana 8, Fontana
Granada Hills 9, Granada Hills
Janss Marketplace 9, Thousand Oaks
Jurupa 14, Jurupa
Los Feliz 3, Los Angeles
Mission Grove Theaters, Riverside
Laemmle’s North Hollywood 7, Los Angeles (starting Dec. 31)
Perris 10, Perris
Santa Paula 7, Santa Paula
Sterling 6, San Bernardino
Van Nuys Plant 16, Van Nuys
UltraLuxe Anaheim Cinemas in Gardenwalk, Anaheim
University Village 10, Riverside
Westminster 10, Westminster
Egyptian, Hollywood


Alamo, Littleton
Lyric Cinema Cafe, Ft. Collins


Penn Cinemas Riverfront, Wilmington
Rehoboth Beach’s Movies at Midway, Lewes
Westown Movies, Middletown


Sun-Ray Cinema, Jacksonville
Swap-Shop Drive-In, Ft. Lauderdale


Plaza Theater, Atlanta


Hollywood Blvd. Cinemas, Woodridge
Art Theater Co-Op, Champaign (beginning 1/2)


Jasper 8 Theatres, Jasper


Maiden Alley Cinema, Paducah


Chalmette Movies, Chalmette
The Robinson Film Center, Shreveport


Eastpoint Center 10, Baltimore


AppleCinemas, Cambridge


The Bijou, Traverse City
Alamo, Kalamazoo
State Theatre, Ann Arbor


St. Anthony Main Theatre, Minneapolis
The Film Society of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minneapolis


Alamo Main Street, Kansas City
Chase Park Plaza, St. Louis
MX Movies, St. Louis

New York

Alamo, Yonkers
Cinemopalis, Ithica
Cinema Arts Centre, Huntington
Island Cinemas, Mastic

North Carolina

Palace Pointe, Roxboro

North Dakora

Fargo Theatre, Fargo


Esquire Theater, Cincinnati
Gateway Film Center, Columbus
Tower City Cinemas, Cleveland


Circle Cinema, Tulsa


Fox Theatre, Dallas


Southside Works Cinema, Pittsburgh

Rhode Island

Cable Car Cinema and Cafe

South Carolina

Terrace Theatre, Charleston
The Nickelodeon, Columbia (starting 12/26)


Belcourt Theatre, Nashville
Franklin Theatre, Franklin


Alamo Lakeline, Austin
Alamo Slaughter, Austin
Alamo South Lamar, Austin
Alamo Ritz, Austin
Alamo Vintage Park, Houston
Alamo Mason Park, Katy
Alamo, Lubbock
Alamo Marketplace, New Braunfels
Alamo, Richardson
Alamo Park North, San Antonio
Alamo Westlakes, San Antonio
City Base Cinema, San Antonio
Look Cinemas, Dallas


Brewvies Cinemas Pub, Salt Lake City
Megaplex Theatres, South Jordan


Merril’s Roxy, Burlington


Alamo Loudoun, Ashburn
Cinemall, Abingdon


Ark Lodge Cinemas, Seattle


State Theaters
Fon du Lac Theatre, Fon du Lac
Grand Cinema Theaters, New London

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