These Art Posters Have SPIRIT

     December 22, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

I don’t really know if you can draw inspiration from anywhere, but if you can draw it from Frank Miller’s “The Spirit”, then clearly any kind of artistic block will never be a problem for you. Italian movie site FilmUP has twenty artistic-style posters for the film and they are all clearly superior to the movie they’re intended to promote.

Posters like these make me wonder why studios don’t commission an artistic style which would stand-out against a sea of floating-heads that are the bane of the movie poster fan everywhere. That’s not to say that the mainstream “Spirit” posters did that. No, they decided to highlight the movie’s awful dialogue, so good work there.

Head on over to FilmUP to see some great posters. I wish the movie was half as a good.

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