Director Michael Haneke Set to Reunite with Isabelle Huppert for THESE TWO

     November 10, 2010


Acclaimed filmmaker Michael Haneke is set to reunite with his Piano Teacher starring Isabelle Huppert in the simply titled These Two. The film, also starring Jean Louis Triningant (My Night at Maud’s) and Emmanuelle Riva (Blue) is set to focus on the “humiliation of the physical breakdown in the elderly” per the The Playlist.

The film was previously set to go in production a year ago but Haneke canceled the project due to a similarity with recently released films Away from Her and The Barbarian Invasions; although from the brief synopsis given, I fail to see how Haneke’s film could have anything in common with the sweet Sarah Polley film or the satirical classist comedy other than that all three star older people. Nevertheless, it’s great to see perhaps the most hateful, sadistic filmmaker working today get behind the camera once again. There is no greater experience than inviting a group of people over to watch a movie and then plopping in one Haneke’s classics (I’d suggest Benny’s Video or The Piano Teacher or, for maximum discomfort, the original Funny Games). Watching your guests’ fresh welcoming faces distort into images of disgust and shock and outrage is a thing of beauty in and of itself – something I’m sure Haneke would approve of.

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