Thomas Decker Exclusive Video Interview – Saturn Awards 2008

     June 28, 2008

A few days ago I attended the 34th Annual Saturn Awards here in Los Angeles and landed tons of video interviews on the red carpet and backstage after the show. While I would have loved to have posted all of them already….it takes time to edit, so I’ve still got a few more to go.

Anyway, posted below is my interview with Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles star Thomas Decker. On the show he plays John Conner, and after the successful first season, they’ve just started shooting the second – which airs this September. During our time talking we covered what’s coming up on the show, Comic-Con this summer, what he did on his hiatus and a lot more.

And for a blast from the past…here’s a link to the interview I did with Thomas last year at the Saturn’s… before the first season had aired.

Thomas Decker Video Interview – part 1

  • I ask how the second season begins – starts from the second it ended
  • He talks about the paparazzi being on the set following them
  • Was he nervous about the second season not getting picked up
  • What sort of action is he involved with this season
  • When did they start filming the season
  • We talk about the possibly actors strike
  • Comic-Con talk – what does he collect and what’s he interested in
  • I ask if it’s cool to get recognized at Comic-Con or does it get old quick
  • How is John Conner a different person this year

Thomas Decker Video Interview – part 2

  • Has he had any contact with the Terminator Salvation people
  • Does he think the movie helped keep the show on the air
  • How’s his relationship with his mom on the show
  • I ask about his role in My Sister’s Keeper and how he had to shave his head and eyebrows
  • Was it tough to pick one project to do in his hiatus
  • We talk about all his other projects
  • What can fans look forward to at Comic-Con this summer

  • Season One DVD talk

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