Marvel President Kevin Feige Reveals THOR 2 Story Details

     September 22, 2011


It’s easy for us to get caught up in the endless photos/videos from the set of The Avengers, but Marvel has a broad slate of standalone superhero movies to worry about.  The first two post-Avengers are Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 in the summer 2013.  Robert Downey Jr. shared his intentions for Iron Man last month, and today Marvel president Kevin Feige revealed their plans for the Thor sequel to EW:

“[Thor 2 will] primarily be the journey of that character, of he and Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and how the new dynamic with his father is working out, as well as what are the broader stakes for The Nine Worlds.”

On that last point, Feige promises the script by Don Payne “take Thor literally to other worlds.”  Hit the jump for more on The Nine Worlds.

  • Alfheim – Home of the Light Elves (Ljósálfar). Alfheim is a distinct region on the Asgard planetoid.
  • Asgard – Home of the Asgardians. Asgard is the name of the planetoid, a distinct region on the planetoid and its capital city.
  • Hel – Realm of the dead who are neither honored nor dishonored. It is ruled by Hela.
  • Jotunheim – Home of the Giants (Jötunn).
  • Midgard – Midgard is the Earthly plane of existence. Although technically not a part of the Asgardian dimension, it is considered one of the Nine Worlds by the Asgardians because of its significant connections to Asgard.
  • Muspelheim – Home of the Demons. It is ruled by Surtur.
  • Nidavellir – Home of the Dwarves. Nidavellir is a distinct region on the Asgard planetoid.
  • Svartalfheim – Home of the Dark Elves (Svartálfar).
  • Vanaheim – Home of the Vanir who are the sister race of the Asgardians. Vanaheim is a distinct region on the Asgard planetoid. [Quora]

Thor was a lot of fun, but it was lacking in a) scope and b) the relationship between Thor and Jane.  I don’t know that more is automatically better in this case, but visiting more of The Nine Worlds is a laudable attempt to address part a).  And I appreciate that Jane Foster is at the forefront of Feige’s mind when he talks about the sequel.  The latest news says Patty Jenkins is the frontrunner for the director’s chair—ideally, the female perspective would add to Jane’s character.  More importantly, though, Jenkins is more than qualified regardless of gender based on her most recent work: The Killing pilot.



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