30 New Movie Images from THOR!

     December 10, 2010

Thanks to Paramount/Marvel releasing the first official trailer (the leaked one from Comic-Con doesn’t count) for Thor, we’ve got a ton of new images to look at!  Granted they’re taken from the trailer, but so much is happening in the two minutes that I decided to screengrab 30 single images so you could see a bit more of what’s going on.

I will say after visiting the set earlier this year (watch my video blog here), the trailer reveals a tremendous amount that the casual fan won’t notice.  But if you watched my recap of the set visit and heard me talk about what I saw and learned, you might notice some of those huge moments.  I’ll tease you by saying Marvel does a great job editing certain things so you can’t tell you’re watching scenes from the finale cut to scenes happening much earlier in the film.  If you check out the images, you’ll see shots of the big battle between Loki and Thor….as well as why Thor is sent to Earth and so much more!  After you see the movie next year, watch this trailer again and you won’t believe how much Marvel revealed.  Hit the jump for the images:

As you look at the images, notice the Frost Giants, Heimdall’s Observatory, Odin’s throne room, Odin’s vault, the Destroyer, the power of Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer), and a lot more.  Finally, here’s links to all the set visit stuff I posted earlier today:

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