Thor Sees the Grandmaster “Pardon” His Cousin in Extended ‘Ragnarok’ Scene

     February 16, 2018


The more deleted and extended scenes I see from Taika Waititi‘s gloriously strange Thor: Ragnarok, the more I want to see a movie made just out of them. The key element is probably the unfinished effects, which gives these scenes a really great 70s and 80s sci-fi vibe. In the latest clip to be released, which is an extension of a scene that is in the movie, there’s more of the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum), of course, as he chats with Thor (Chris Hemsworth). It’s hard for me to place exactly what we saw before, but in this version, there are weird swooping bat-like things that are infesting the castle, and also some weird furry tentacle things (apparently that’s a thing for the Grandmaster). Just a lot of weird stuff, basically.

Eventually Thor meets the Grandmaster’s cousin Carlos, who has been arrested for … what exactly? Stealing a small camel, scambling, camping …? You’ll just have to see for yourself — check out the clip below:

As mentioned in my article on another Thor deleted scene, Goldblum had previous told EW that,

“Taika and I work in a not dissimilar way. We’re nothing if not conscientious and Johnny-on-the-spot with all of our research and ideas, but then we’re willing to throw it all away and just fool around and find something playful and find something that tickles us and see where the chips fall, and that’s where we go. Anything that you see in the movie was a version that was selected by Taika’s tasteful editing from usually 10 other choices of stuff that we tried. We just kind of had a growth spurt and a creative ecstasy together and what you see is the result of something from that.”

The Thor: Ragnarok digital release will feature this deleted scene among many others and more bonus footage, and will be available February 20th. The DVD and Blu-ray will follow by being ready for purchase March 6th.

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