‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Behind-the-Scenes Video Celebrates the Silliness of Taika Waititi

     January 11, 2018


One of the main things Thor: Ragnarok did was introduce the world at large to the greatness of Taika Waititi. The New Zealand-born filmmaker had already made waves by directing and starring in films like What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople, but Rangarok brought Waititi’s greatness to the forefront of one of the biggest franchises in the world, and audiences embraced his silly sensibility wholeheartedly. Waititi not only directed Ragnarok but also stole scenes in front of the camera as Korg, and a new behind-the-scenes video from the Thor: Ragnarok Blu-ray chronicles Waititi’s on-set shenanigans in all their glory.

This isn’t a blooper reel per se, as it focuses more on Waititi’s penchant for goofing around on set and in character as Korg, with the cast heaping praise on his overall demeanor and joyful spirit. That absolutely shined through in the finished film, and of course Waititi is a fantastic filmmaker to boot, but honestly I’d also watched an entire spinoff focused on the adventures of Korg if it meant we got to see more of Waititi in front of the camera.

For now, enjoy his silliness in all its glory in the video below, followed by the full list of bonus features included on the Thor: Ragnarok home video release. The film hits Digital HD on February 20th and Blu-ray on March 6th.

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