‘Thor: Ragnarok’: Over 36 Images from That Glorious Teaser Trailer

     April 10, 2017


Marvel Studios ensured this week would kick off with a bang by surprise-dropping the first teaser trailer for Thor: Ragnarok early this morning, and boy does this movie look fun. Since the trailer revealed quite a bit about what to expect from the film, we’ve gone through and pulled out select screengrabs of images, showing us everything from Cate Blanchett’s deadly villain Hela to Hulk in full “Planet Hulk” mode.

Directed by What We Do in the Shadows and Hunt for the Wilderpeople filmmaker Taika Waititi, the film finds Thor (Chris Hemsworth) clashing with Hela early on in the story, only to lose his mighty hammer and be banished to a world very, very far away. That’s where he’s enslaved as a gladiator of sorts, only to be forced to fight fellow Mark Ruffalo’s Avenger Hulk/Bruce Banner in one hell of a kicker to this trailer.

The trailer certainly shows that Ragnarok will keep Waititi’s humor and charm intact, and it’s honestly a welcome change of pace for the Thor movies. The first two have their moments of humor, but for the most part come across as a little self-serious. Ragnarok seems to simply be a great time, and that’s certainly implied with the choice of music and title treatments in this teaser trailer.

As for reveals, we see that Hela straight up destroys Thor’s hammer, and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki seems to be involved in the gladiatorial match in some capacity as he’s seen sitting alongside Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster enjoying the fight from the stands. We see Hela lay waste to Asgard, but it’s unclear whose side Loki’s on there. Moreover, what’s Idris Elba’s Heimdall up to lookin’ all “Robin Hood”-y?

Peruse the images below and let us know any other insights you glean. Thor: Ragnarok also stars Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban, and Anthony Hopkins and opens in theaters on November 3rd.

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