Ticket Price Hike for 3D Movies Effective Tomorrow

     March 25, 2010


Those 3D movies have been raking in the cash but you know what they could be doing better?  Raking in more cash.  This is the thinking of theater owners today as they’ve decided that since movie tickets for 3D films aren’t expensive enough, the price of a  movie ticket for a film in 3D (and in some cases, movie tickets for 2D films) will go up. The Wall Street Journal reports:

The new prices take effect Friday in many markets across the country in theaters owned by such major exhibitors as Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark Holdings Inc. and AMC Entertainment Inc.

By how much the ticket price will go up will most likely vary among markets and theater chain, but for example, at the Regal Union Square 14 in New York, Alice in Wonderland today costs $16.50 for a non-matinee 3D show.  Starting tomorrow, it will cost $17.  Today, a ticket to see an IMAX 3D movie at the Regal Mall of Georgia costs $15.50 for a non-matinee show.  Tomorrow, it will cost $17.50.

I suppose it was inevitable.  Nevertheless, I still recommend seeing How to Train Your Dragon in 3D this weekend (look for my full review tonight).

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