‘Tickled’ Directors on Making One of the Year’s Craziest, Most Bizarre Documentaries

     November 1, 2016


Tickled is one of the year’s best films and it’s one more people should be talking about. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the documentary, it follows reporter David Farrier and his producer Dylan Reeve as they investigate the world of competitive tickling. But what originally sounds like a fun, silly story takes a turn into a dark, twisted world of blackmail and secret identities.

I got the chance to interview Farrier and Reeve a couple weeks ago, and this interview is for people who have seen the movie and have further questions about it. So if you haven’t seen Tickled, go check it out on VOD right now, come back, and then read this interview. We talk about reaction to the film, the legal threats they’ve received, controversial scenes, Internet culture, and much more.

So what I want to start off by asking you guys when did you realize we have enough material here for feature length documentary?

DAVID FARRIER: We always had a plan for something longish initially it was probably gonna be like a 60-minute kind of thing that we thought we’d put on Vimeo. That was when we started with our Kickstarter campaign but quite quickly once we filmed that first thing we realized that we didn’t have a full grasp on what we were doing. There were more people we needed to talk to about what we were doing. The story was bigger than we thought and I think that’s when we sort of came back and realized that there  was something more significant but also frustratingly that we didn’t have the resources at that point to chase it that we had to convince other people that their was a feature film to be had.

And how did those conversations go I mean how did you sort of get people on board with this fascinating story?

FARRIER: I think I mean it was the good thing was it was kind of easy to get people on board in the fact that it was all unfolding around us currently. I mean we told people you know we discovered this tickling competition online and it all seems innocent and but then you know the second we started poking around things sort of got very intense and you know there were lawyers involved and immediately had that incredibly light hearted topic that suddenly you know sort of in need for investigation we started we started to do with our blogs sort of writing about it originally it had this huge pushback and I thought that was quite intriguing for people and they were drawn into that story quite quickly. So I think that was an advantage for us as far as being able to get people on board it was a really riveting strange enticing thing.

DYLAN REEVE: And that we were trapped in the middle of it.

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