15 Must-See Films of TIFF 2015

     September 7, 2015


The 2015 Toronto International Film Festival begins this week, and like every year, it’s jam-packed with films that look like they could be terrific. Even setting aside that it almost always plays host to the year’s Best Picture winner (last year’s victory for Birdman was more the exception than the rule), the programmers always find terrific variety in their selections, and this year looks like another strong group of selections. There are biopics, character dramas, and even some sci-fi and animation in the bunch. And these are just some of the films that look captivating on first glance; we don’t know if there’s a breakout film on the horizon.

While I’ll be getting to as many films as I can (about 3-4 per day), these are (in no particular order) the 15 that I absolutely must see while I’m at TIFF.

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