10 Must-See Movies of TIFF 2019

     September 4, 2019


The 2019 Toronto International Film Festival begins tomorrow, and as always, it’s an embarrassment of riches. The festival programmers really know how to pack in an excellent array of movies, and while TIFF is a bit of a launching pad for awards-seasons favorites, a film doesn’t have to be up for an Oscar to end up as one of my favorites of the year. One of the benefits of TIFF is the diversity on display so you can see a blistering comedy, a prestige biopic, an unsettling psychological horror film, and a compelling mystery all in the same day. People have asked me how I manage to see four films every day for about a week, but when the films feel so different and they tend to be great, you don’t really mind packing in that many features to your waking hours.

Although I could have easily made a list of about 30 movies I want to see at this year’s festival, I managed to narrow it down to about ten I’ve got to see while I’m in Toronto this year.

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