Tim Burton Talks BIG EYES, Making Such an Unbelievable True Story Feel Real, Working with Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams, and More

     December 24, 2014


When you’ve grown up obsessed with films like Beetlejuice, Batman and Edward Scissorhands, it’s only natural to look at a film like Big Eyes and think, that’s an unusual project for Tim Burton to take on.  But he actually had a connection to Margaret Keane’s work prior to making the film.  Plus, just look at her paintings.  They do have a surreal and even somewhat horror-like quality to them, and that’s part of the reason Burton was so drawn to them.

With Big Eyes making its way into theaters for a December 25th limited release, I got the opportunity to sit down with Burton to talk about how Keane’s paintings influenced his own work, making such an unbelievable true story feel real, working with a full cast of actors he’s never worked with before for the first time since making Beetlejuice, and more.  Hit the jump to check it all out.

Tim Burton:

  • On his connection to Margaret Keane’s work prior to Big Eyes.
  • If this wasn’t a true story, you wouldn’t believe it.
  • The courtroom scene.
  • On Big Eyes marking the first time he worked with a group of actors he’s never worked with before since Beetlejuice.
  • Does Big Eyes feel like a very different type of project for him?
  • Balancing the real and surreal; the film’s color palette.
  • His approach as an actor’s director; Adams and Waltz’s different ways of working.


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