Behind-the-Scenes Clip from the Acclaimed Documentary TIM’S VERMEER

     January 30, 2014


Penn and Teller‘s documentary Tim’s Vermeer made the fall festival rounds last year, and I’m sorry I missed it.  It has a terrific premise: Inventor Tim Jenison attempts to recreate the photorealistic paintings of of Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer.  Since Vermeer’s works predate the invention of the camera by 150 years, Jenison seeks to discover the painter’s secrets, and his revelation may just send shockwaves through the art history community.  Today, we have a behind-the-scenes clip, and it has Jenison breaks down how he recreated the setting of one of Vermeer’s paintings.  What Jenison explains is fascinating from the compromises he made, getting the angles right, and much more.  It’s like a cross between Antiques Roadshow and a crime scene.

Hit the jump to check out the behind-the-scenes clip, and click here for the trailer.  Tim’s Vermeer opens in limited release on Friday.


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