TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE Travels to the Small Screen

     August 18, 2009


After a fairly good opening weekend gross ($20 million) ABC has announced that they will be teaming up with “Friends” creator Marta Kauffman to adapt “The Time Travelers Wife” into a weekly TV series. I know some of you might be groaning but you can read some of my thoughts on why I think this might be an excellent idea after the jump.

I love time travel stories and I do believe that the idea behind “The Time Travelers Wife” is a perfect fit for a TV series. For those of you that don’t know “The Time Travelers Wife” is a 2003 novel by Audrey Niffenegger that tells of the story of a man with a genetic disorder which makes him spontaneously time travel. The story focuses on both him and his wife who must deal with this condition of his. I have yet to see the film adaptation of the novel but, come on, this is just a cool idea. It’s hard to deny that.

the_time_traveler_s_wife_movie_image_eric_bana_and_rachel_mcadams__2_.jpgThe reason that I think that this might turn out to be an excellent TV series is simple – scope. I don’t know what the ambition is for the series but lets imagine that ABC wants to try to do something ambitious again after “LOST” sadly leaves us next year. If ABC and Marta Kauffman were to really aim for something grand we could be treated to one potentially amazing and heartbreaking show. Just imagine a love story told out of order that takes places over 80 years and would take a couple of seasons to tell. There is so much potential if they were to really try to go for it and do it with a good budget. The possibilities are endless in my opinion.

However, the article over at The Wrap does mention this “Individual episodes will likely feature self-contained storylines as well.” and this kind of puts a dent into whatever dreams I may have for this series. Self contained storylines in a show that features time travel can only lead to bad and frustrating things in my mind. I also may be a cynic but I can’t see the creator of Friends and ABC doing something really ambitious. I have a fear that this might turn into “The Notebook: The Series” but then again “LOST” is on TV and that was made by ABC and the man who made Felicity so you never know.