GREEN LANTERN Co-Writer Set to Pen Disney’s Time Travel Film TIME ZONES

     September 30, 2011


Marc Guggenheim, who was one of the scribes behind this summer’s Green Lantern, has been tapped by Disney to pen a rather unique time travel pic called Time Zones. The sci-fi fantasy adventure takes place in a world where a spontaneous event has caused different geographical regions of the Earth to be replaced with the topographical layout from differing time periods. In essence, it could be 1450 in England, 350 B.C. in Egypt, and 2154 in the United States. The story centers on a man who realizes that the sudden availability of time travel gives him the chance to change the past and prevent his wife’s death. He sets out on an adventure with his estranged daughter in tow to try to change the course of history.

While time travel has become a rather stale staple of contemporary storytelling, this concept actually sounds really cool. The idea of seeing modern civilization forced to cope with the labor-intensive geography of the past is more than a little compelling, and with Disney behind the pic you can expect some big-budget production value. Now it’s time to take bets on what time period each region will get (fingers crossed for colonial America). Heat Vision reports that Mark Gordon (Source Code, 2012) is onboard to produce. Guggenheim, whose resume also includes work on Flash Forward and Eli Stone, is also scripting an untitled female detective feature for the Mouse House.

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