Universal to Reboot TIMECOP; Jean Claude Van Damme Not Involved

     May 22, 2013


Universal is taking a jump back in time to reboot director Peter Hyams‘ 1994 sci-fi film Timecopstarring Jean Claude Van Damme.  In the original film, time travel existed in 2004 (must have missed that development) and Timecops were employed to prevent criminals from messing with the time-stream for ill-gotten gain.  Van Damme’s character, Walker, happened to run afoul of a crooked politician (Ron Silver) doing just that.  The studio is looking to do an original reboot with a reworked concept; the project is currently out to writers.  Van Damme is not involved with the project, but whoever they get to star best be able to do the splits.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer for the 1994 original.

Heat Vision reported on the Timecop reboot.  Check out this epic trailer for 1994’s Timecop:



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