‘Timeless’ Series Finale Teaser Reveals the Team’s Final Mission

     December 14, 2018


A new teaser for the Timeless series finale has arrived, and Rufus lives! After being cancelled by NBC, the fan-favorite series was given a two-hour movie reprieve to wrap up the story and answer the big WTF question after the Season 2 cliffhanger — “Do you guys want to save Rufus, or what?” It looks like that’s a yes, or at least, the beloved character will make a return in some form and it seems he hasn’t lost his spirit, telling the team, “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!”

As for how he returns or what to expect from the finale film, you’re going to have to tune in because the teaser is rather mysterious and light on details. Earlier this year, Series EP Eric Kripke told us that the finale would travel to two time period over the course of essentially two episodes.


Image via NBC

Kripke explained,

“It’s basically the equivalent of two episodes. As a matter of fact, we tried, at one point, to do one long historical period to last over two hours, and then eventually, Arika wisely said, ‘Why are we doing this? Why don’t we just do what we always do, which is spend an hour in two different time periods?’ And so, though they’re connected and though it’s one long mythology story that plays over both, they really are, in effect, two time periods of Timeless that they visit, and we’ll shoot each one. We shot 8-day episodes, and this will be a 16-day shoot. It will be exactly like two more episodes of the show.”

The Timeless series finale airs just in time to give fans a nice Holiday treat on Thursday, Dec. 20 at 8/7c on NBC. Watch the teaser below.

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