TITANIC 3D Coming in April 2012

     July 5, 2010


Last we heard, James Cameron and Fox were targeting the “spring of 2012” to re-release Titanic in 3D.  Thanks to Ministry of Gossip [via /Film], we now know that the spring month in question is April.  The news was mentioned in a tribute to Gloria Stuart, who played “Old Rose” in the film and celebrated her 100th birthday on July 4th.  April 2012 marks a centennial anniversary of its own, as the RMS Titanic attempted to traverse the Atlantic from April 12-14, 1912.  In addition to the historical timing, the intended month of release (nearly two years away) gives Cameron and Co. plenty of time to perfect the finer details of the 3D conversion.

Notably, it was only this year that Cameron’s own Avatar finally toppled the 1997 disaster flick to become the highest grossing film of all time.  As such, the re-release should be a good litmus test for the 3D conversion of cinema’s live-action classics, both in their aesthetic appeal and financial viability.

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