TMG sets it sights on MOBY DICK, Brings William Hurt and Ethan Hawke Aboard

     September 11, 2009

Moby Dick, William Hurt and Ethan Hawke  slice.jpg

The Tele Munchen Group, one of Germany’s largest media corporations has decided that Herman Melville’s classic tale of Man vs. Wild vs. Self needs to be adapted yet again. The book already been made into four English-language films (five if you count the “lost” Orson Welles adaptation) but, hey, why not one more? William Hurt will star as the tortured Captain Ahab and Ethan Hawke will portray Starbuck, the first officer of the ship and the only crew member to oppose Ahab’s obsession. Hit the jump to find out why TMG is sparing no expense in producing the movie after the jump.

TMG (and partner RHI Ent.) have committed $25.5 million for production. They are promising to provide stunning visual effects as well as moving, powerful story. Nigel Williams (HBO’s “Elizabeth I”) has written the script and with Hurt and Hawke leading the cast, it is clear that TMG is aiming for a high buying price from a major US network looking to add a movie with Emmy and Golden Globe potential. Filming is set to begin later this month around Halifax, Canada and will continue on in Malta.

At first blush, this is not a movie that gets me excited. Maybe I am too loyal to the Patrick Stewart version from 1998 as I am with most things concerning Patrick Stewart. I do have to admit, though, the latest incarnation does have a good cast, a great writer and a production company committed to a high standard. That is a tough triple play to make and I hope it shows in the final product.

“Moby Dick” sets sail in Fall 2010.

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