TNT Western Series GATEWAY Casts Keir O’Donnell, Keith Carradine and More; ABC Developing U.S. Remake of U.K. Comedy SUBURBAN SHOOTOUT

     October 7, 2011


Cam Gigandet is already set to take a lead role as Jake Flynn, one of three brothers in the new TNT western drama Gateway (formerly known as Tin Star), but Deadline has word on four more actors joining the cast. Rounding out the group of Flynn brothers living in the titualar Colorado town in the 1880’s will be Keir O’Donnell (Wedding Crashers) playing Terence and David Denman (Roy from The Office) playing Daniel. Meanwhile Shannon Lucio (The Chicago Code) and Eric Lange (Lost) have also been cast as Terence’s wife and the town banker respectively. But my personal favorite bit of new casting comes in the form of Keith Carradine, who was last seen battling extra-terrestrials in the Old West in Cowboys & Aliens, playing the brothers’ surrogate father.

Details on an American remake of the British comedy series Suburban Shootout after the jump.

suburban shootoutPlenty of shows come from our neighbors across the pond in the United Kingdom to get retooled for American audiences. The Office is one of the most popular to survive, while some like The IT Crowd (an American version was created with Community star Joel McHale a few years back) never make it to air. Deadline has word on another British import to American TV with ABC developing a remake of the comedy series Suburban Shootout. Though the UK version of the show is only a half-hour comedy, Detroit 187 and Without a Trace executive producer and writer Byron Balasco is crafting an hour-long adaptation of the dark comedy which follows a woman who escapes the city and her past for suburban bliss only to discover she (with the help of her new neighbors) has to resort to using unconventional methods and her past skills to achieve the life she so desires.

Apparently a US version was attempted once before back in 2008 with HBO ordering a pilot from director Barry Sonnenfeld starring Judy Greer (Arrested Development), but it never got off the ground. If HBO couldn’t make the dark comedy work, I’m not so ABC can do much better. However, Deadline points out the original series has been called “the British Desperate Housewives,” so that’s about all the explanation we need since the network loses that series after this season. We’ll have wait to see if trying again pays off this time.