Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier Confirmed for HELLRAISER Reboot

     October 20, 2010

After years in gestation, Dimension’s reboot of Clive Barker’s sadomasochistic classic Hellraiser is headed to screens. And while many different writers and directors have been rumored for the project, several inside sources at the studio have now confirmed exclusively to Collider that it is Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier, NOT Christian E. Christiansen who will be sheparding this Hellbound Heart.

Read on for what we know…

Bloody-Disgusting broke news yesterday that Christian E. Christiansen director of the upcoming The Roommate would be helming the project, but new sources have confirmed to Collider that it is in fact Todd Farmer who will write the picture with frequent collaborator and director Patrick Lussier. The duo previously worked together on My Bloody Valentine 3D and the upcoming Nic Cage action film Drive Angry 3D. They also worked on an aborted version of Halloween 3D.

Christiansen had been in the running for the film previously, as had Saw IV-VII scribes Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, and prominent figures in the new wave of French horror Alexandre Bustillo and Pascal Laugier, amongst others.

The new film is being developed alongside Hellraiser Revelations, which is a Direct-to-Video incarnation of the series designed to keep the rights in the Weinstein brother’s hands.

The theatrical film focused young adults encountering Pinhead in previous drafts, some of which included massive fantasy elements ala Hellboy II, while others functioned as loose remakes of Nightmare on Elm Street starring Pinhead. This latest iteration is likely to keep the young adult spin, but, as all of Farmer and Lussier’s previous collaborations have be Hard-R’s it remains unclear if it will head into the PG-13 territory that that appointment of Christensen would have almost certainly lead to. The lovely, and surprisingly well read Amber Heard has been rumored to star.

More as it comes.

Is Pinhead still relevant? Or have CSI and Law and Order:SVU made the world too accustomed to kink?  Tell us what you think in the comments!

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