Tom Cruise Gets Up-front Pay-cut for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4

     August 5, 2010

The disappointing box office for Knight and Day ($74 million domestic; $190 million worldwide) has led Paramount to cut Tom Cruise’s up-front salary for Mission: Impossible 4Vulture reports that Cruise has “agreed to be paid ‘scale’ (that is, Screen Actors Guild minimum payment) for his acting in the franchise’s fourth installment, but will “get a nice back-end after cash break-even.”  Basically, Cruise gets nothing up-front but will make money after the studio recoups its investment.  With an expected budget of $135 million and let’s say another $135m for P&A, Cruise still probably comes out with a fat paycheck.

I’ll leave the arguments about Tom Cruise’s star power to others.  I’m not his agent or an executive.  I think he’s a good actor with plenty of charisma and he basically carried Knight and Day.  I’m glad that he’ll return for Mission: Impossible 4 (which comes out on December 16, 2011) and I’m even happier that Brad Bird (The Incredibles) is directing.

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