Tom Cruise Gets Back to Work on ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ After Set Injury

     October 4, 2017


What, you think a broken ankle could keep Tom Cruise from his stunts? Puh-lease. The action star is officially back at it on the set of Mission: Impossible 6 after taking a seven-week hiatus from production. Back in August, Cruise struck the side of a building during one of his signature stunts, breaking his ankle in the process.

Now, UK outlet Daily Mail has spotted Cruise back on set, revealing images and footage of the actor jumping right back into his stunt game, which is strong. (There are some images in the tweet below, but click through the link for way more.) The 55-year-old actor always insists on doing in his own stuntwork, claiming audiences can always tell the difference when it’s a stuntman, and now he’s been spotted back at it again in Essex, England, where he’s performing stunts in a helicopter and driving a giant truck. Classic Cruise. Of note, director Christopher McQuarrie also appears to have posted his first set photo since late August, so hopefully we can expect more insta-updates now that production is back on.

Shortly after the accident, McQuarrie confirmed that Cruise broke his ankle and explained how production would proceed without the superstar on set, filming everything he possibly could without Cruise and then shifting to editorial when they had to go into hiatus.

“You never stop working. I’m on the backlot at Leavesden right now, getting ready to shoot an insert out in the field. You simply rearrange the order in which you were going to do certain things on the movie. This in fact gives us an opportunity to go into editorial and look at what we’ve shot and reassess the movie, which is a luxury you don’t normally have because you’re on a train that just doesn’t stop.”

Mission: Impossible 6 also stars Rebecca FergusonVanessa KirbySimon PeggMichelle MonaghanSean HarrisVing RhamesSian Brooke, Alec Baldwin and Angela Bassett. The film opens in theaters on July 27, 2018. Check out the new image below.

For now, the film is is still scheduled to arrive in theaters on July 27, 2018, but after seven weeks without the star on set, only time will tell if McQuarrie’s “never stop working” philosophy bought them enough time to stay on track.

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