Watch: See What Tom Cruise’s Stunt Double Was Up to on the ‘Fallout’ Set in Funny Video

     July 5, 2018


With every new Tom Cruise movie comes a behind-the-scenes featurette showing just how many of the stunts Cruise did himself. That’s certainly true of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the key franchise in which Cruise does a lot of practical stunts, and Paramount Pictures has teamed up with Uber to create a short, silly video that shows what Cruise’s “stunt double” did on the set of Fallout.

We know Cruise did his own Fallout stunts because the actor broke his ankle in the middle of production, shutting the film down for several months while he recuperated. There’s always at least one signature set piece in a Mission film for which Cruise undergoes intense preparation. For Ghost Protocol it was hanging off the side of the world’s tallest building; for Rogue Nation it was holding his breath underwater for an insane amount of time; and for Fallout, it’s performing his own skydiving stunt, for which Cruise had to log a ridiculous number of jump hours.

The “centerpiece stunt” for the Mission franchise goes back to Mission: Impossible 2, which saw Cruise climbing the side of a giant cliff. That’s the film on which Cruise took “doing your own stunts” to another level, and way back then a similar behind-the-scenes video was released with Ben Stiller playing Cruise’s stunt double. That video was created for the MTV Movie Awards and still remains very, very funny.

Check out the new Uber-centric video below first, followed by the throwback video for M:I 2. You can watch the U.S. livestream of the Paris world premiere red carpet on July 12th at 12:30pm EST. Mission: Impossible – Fallout opens in theaters on July 27th.

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