Tom Cruise in Talks for Doug Liman’s WE ARE MORTALS (Formerly ALL YOU NEED IS KILL)

     October 8, 2011


Warner Bros. is in search of a major star to topline their adaptation of All You Need Is Kill, now going by the title We Are Mortals.  The studio first wanted Brad Pitt, a natural choice since his Mr. and Mrs. Smith director Doug Liman is the man in charge of Mortals.  Pitt must not have jumped at the chance to reunite with Liman, because according to THR, Warner Bros. is in talks with Tom Cruise for the starring role.  The news is briefly mentioned in one of those “Tom Cruise Is Back!” features the trades are fond of.  (It’s worth a read if you can stomach revelations like, “[Cruise is] working cheaper at times—sources say he’s getting just $5 million for Ages.”  In other words: not worth a read.)

The premise of the Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel is an eye-catcher: “A young Army recruit who, despite being killed in the first day of intergalactic alien invasion of Earth, is continually resurrected Groundhog Day–style to the day before he was killed.”  Full synopsis after the jump.

all_you_need_is_kill_book_cover_01I really like the title All You Need Is Kill.  I hope it comes back around over at Warner Bros.  The synopsis:

There’s one thing worse than dying. It’s coming back to do it again and again… When the alien Gitai invade, Keiji Kiriya is just one of many raw recruits shoved into a suit of battle armor and sent out to kill. Keiji dies on the battlefield, only to find himself reborn each morning to fight and die again and again. On the 158th iteration though, he sees something different, something out of place: the female soldier known as the Bitch of War. Is the Bitch the key to Keiji’s escape, or to his final death? [Amazon]

Cruise obviously can’t play a “young Army recruit.”  I imagine the studio is ready to retool the role as written by Dante Harper if they can land someone of Cruise or Pitt’s stature.  Although maybe Cruise is up for the role of platoon sergeant Ferrell Bartolome, whom Wikipedia describes as, “An overly fitness-conscious man who takes care of his subordinates.”

But seriously, guys—Tom Cruise is back!  He will next be seen in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol on December 21, followed by his selfless $5 million role in Rock of Ages on June 1, 2012.  One Shot and Horizons are in the works for 2013.

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