Tom Hiddleston on His Best Comic-Con Memory and Wanting to Play Galactus

     April 25, 2018

Like all of you, I couldn’t be more excited to see Avengers: Infinity War. As a huge fan of what the Russo Brothers did on Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War, my expectations for Infinity War are probably a bit too lofty, but if anyone can pull this colossal movie off it’s directors Joe and Anthony Russo, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, and Kevin Feige with his amazing producing team at Marvel Studios.

With the movie set to world premiere tonight in Hollywood, over the weekend, Marvel and Disney held a massive press junket with the stars and filmmakers here in Los Angeles. Since no one has seen the movie yet, doing the interviews was a bit unusual, so when I sat down with Tom Hiddleston yesterday, I used my time to ask questions I knew he could answer.

avengers-infinity-war-imax-posterDuring the interview, Tom Hiddleston talked about his best Comic-Con memory, which Marvel movie was the hardest to shoot, which MCU actor ruined the most takes from laughing, which Marvel movie changed the most from script to screen, which films reshoots were the most intense, what other Marvel character he would like to play besides Loki, and a lot more.

Check out what they had to say in the player above and below is exactly what we talked about. Avengers: Infinity War stars Josh BrolinRobert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman, Jeremy RennerChris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Don Cheadle, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Paul Rudd.

Tom Hiddleston:

  • Which Marvel movie was the hardest to shoot?
  • Which MCU actor ruined the most takes from laughing?
  • Which Marvel movie changed the most from script to screen?
  • Which Marvel director asked for the most and least takes?
  • Which Marvel movies reshoots were the most intense?
  • What’s his best Comic-Con memory?
  • If he could play another Marvel character besides Loki who would he want to play and why?

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