Tom Hiddleston Talks Getting to Voice Captain Hook in Disney’s PIRATE FAIRY, THOR 2, What He Collects, and Appearing in Character as Loki at Comic-Con; Reveals He Wrote the Speech Himself

     August 9, 2013


Earlier today at D23 in Anaheim, Disney revealed a number of details about their upcoming animated slate from both Pixar and DisneyToon Studios.  Included in the announcements was an animated film called The Pirate Fairy that will feature the voices of Christina Hendricks as a fairy and Tom Hiddleston as a young Captain Hook.  As you can imagine, when they announced the two of them providing voices and then walking out on stage, the crowd went nuts.

Shortly after the presentation I got to speak to Hiddleston backstage.   He talked about what the film’s story, getting to voice Captain Hook, what he collects, whether he has seen Thor: The Dark World and his thoughts on the footage, what it was like filming the sequel compared to the first one, and the experience of appearing in character as Loki at Comic-Con.  He also revealed that he wrote the Comic-Con dialogue himself and he didn’t want to introduce the trailer because “Loki doesn’t know what a trailer is.”  Hit the jump to watch.

Before getting to the interview, if you missed seeing Hiddleston as Loki at Comic-Con, you need to watch this clip immediately.  And when we are talking about the interview from the last D23, here’s that link so you can watch it.

tom hiddleston loki Marvel Studios Panel At Comic-ConTom Hiddleston Time Index:

  • :16 – Talks about their interview last year in which Hiddleston discussed his love of Chili’s and watching Thor in a theater with Chris Hemsworth.
  • :58 – Getting to voice Captain Hook.  Says it was a no-brainer voicing that character in a Disney movie.
  • 1:36 – Hook’s arc in the film starting out as a cabin boy named James.  Talks about the story.
  • 2:54 – Appearing in character as Loki at Comic-Con this year. Says he had no idea that was going to be the response when he walked out on stage, “I understand why Mick Jagger does that kind of thing at 70 years old; it’s a rush.”
  • 3:41 – Reveals that he wrote most of his speech at Comic-Con, but he had to improvise a bit.  Says he didn’t want to introduce the trailer because “Loki doesn’t know what a trailer is.” Recites part of the speech on camera.
  •  4:53 – Says he’s seen bits and pieces of Thor 2. Talks about the experience of filming the sequel. “Chris Hemsworth and I wanted to do something that was new and different so that you sort of took the two characters that people have come to know, Thor and Loki, and it was a new spin, a new iteration, a new journey for them to go down as characters.”
  • 6:00 – What does he collect?  Says he collects books, and more than anything else in his house he has plays and novels. And Al Pacino films.


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