Tom Vaughan to Direct BOOMSDAY

     October 7, 2010


Tom Vaughan (Extraordinary Measures) will direct the romantic comedy Boomsday.  Adapted by Ron Bass and Jen Smolka from the Christopher Buckley novel of the same name, Boomsday tells the story of a Washington D.C. publicist/blogger who gets in over her head when a politician uses her suggestion that all Baby Boomers commit suicide in order to save Social Security as a campaign selling point.  Vaughan has worked in the genre before, helming 2008’s first (and, most likely, last) date favorite What Happens in Vegas.  While it isn’t saying much, in my mind, Boomsday already has a leg up on that entry given its interesting premise and the fact that Buckley also wrote the novel that would later be adapted into one of my personal favorites, Jason Reitman’s Thank You for Smoking.

Per Variety, production on Boomsday is set to begin in the second quarter of 2011.  For a better idea of what to expect from the project, hit the jump for a full synopsis of Buckley’s novel.

boomsday_cover_imageHere’s a synopsis of Boomsday [courtesy of Barnes and Noble]:

Boomsday‘s heroine is Cassandra Devine, a charismatic 29-year-old blogger who incites massive political turmoil when, outraged over mounting Social Security debt, she politely suggests that Baby Boomers be given government incentives to kill themselves by age 75. Her modest proposal catches fire with millions of her outraged peers (“Generation Whatever”) and an ambitious Senator seeking to gain the youth vote in his presidential campaign.

With the help of Washington’s greatest spin doctor, the blogger and the politician try to ride the issue of euthanasia for Boomers (they call it “Transitioning”) all the way to the White House, over the forceful objections of the Religious Right and, of course, Baby Boomers, who are deeply offended by demonstrations on the golf courses of their retirement resorts.


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