Want to Get in ‘Tomb Raider’ Shape Like Alicia Vikander? Prepare to Make Some Sacrifices

     January 16, 2018


Warner Bros.’ Tomb Raider reboot is two months away from opening, but star Alicia Vikander had been hard at work preparing for the role well before the cameras ever began rolling. In order to get into arrow-shooting, rock-climbing, butt-kicking shape like her impressive and adventurous video game counterpart Lara Croft, Vikander underwent a grueling exercise routine and dietary program with super-trainer Magnus Lygdback. The fellow Swedes worked together for months in order to add 16 pounds of muscle to the 5′ 5″ Oscar-winner’s slender frame. Sound like something you’d like to do? Well, get ready to pay the price for those gains.

THR chatted with Lygdback to get the inside scoop on his workout routine, dietary regimen, and the program he put Vikander through for the role. Her training included “mixed martial arts, rock climbing and archery” to craft “a modern Lara Croft, a strong, independent woman, and I think it’s exactly what the world needs right now,” said Lygdback. Vikander also brought her own ballet training to her character, all the better to scale cliff faces, make death-defying leaps, and take out a multitude of bad guys. So far, so good!


Image via Christian Black, Warner Bros.

Here’s the tough part: Plan on spending seven days a week in the gym and cutting back on all sugar, eliminating most “fast” carbs, and eating every three hours. How’d Vikander handle all this? “Alicia is an amazingly hard worker,” says Lygdback. “The hardest part for her was when I would force her to take a day off to recover.” If you’re inclined to check out Magnus’ workouts and Vikander’s fitness-focused food plan, be sure to head over to THR for the full rundown. It ain’t easy, but the next time you’re impressed by celebrity physiques on the big and small screens, just remember the amount of time, effort, and sacrifice that goes into them.

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