Watch: Tommy Wiseau Recreates the ‘Dark Knight’ Interrogation Scene, Does a Shockingly Great Job

     September 24, 2018

tommy-wiseau-dark-knight-sliceIf you have access to a working internet connection or maybe were just walking down a New York City street this weekend, you’re probably aware there’s a Joker movie currently in production starring Joaquin Phoenix in the title role. Well, nevermind that nonsense: Tommy Wiseau is your Clown Prince of Crime now. The enigmatic creator of the beautifully unwatchable cult classic The Room—which you can watch on Youtube for free now, just FYI—recreated The Dark Knight‘s interrogation room scene alongside frequent collaborator Greg Sestero and it works shockingly well. All the quirks and tics that make Wiseau such a questionable actor/questionable human being from this planet seem like brilliant choices under that Joker makeup screaming “killing is making a choice” in his accent that no modern linguist can figure out.

I mean, he’s at least better than Jared Leto, a.k.a The Room of people.

Wiseau himself is one of the most Joker-esque people on Earth. Nobody really knows where he came from. Years after he first popped up in 2003 his origin story remains a mystery. His laugh is both iconic and deeply frightening. I have yet to see any proof that man is actually not a vampire, or an alien, or a Batman villain. If James Franco hadn’t taken the microphone away from him at the Golden Globes Wiseau probably would’ve released laughing toxin into the room for fun. With all due respect to award-winning thespian Joaquin Phoenix, I think it’s time to give Tommy Wiseau his moment under the makeup. It truly could not be worse than this Bad Santa/This Is Us mashup that Warner Bros. is apparently still making.

Check out the scene [via Nerdist]—which recreates the scene between Heath Ledger and Christan Bale word-for-word—below.

For an added bonus, here’s Collider talking to the legend himself.

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