Tony Scott Plans to Watch Chippendales Dancers but Just as Research on His Next Movie

     October 28, 2009


Addressing the 80s crisis of muscular men who could only afford bow-ties and cuffs as formal wear, Tony Scott will direct a film about the rise and fall of Somer “Steve” Banerjee, the man who created Chippendales.  While Banerjee built his male strip club into an 80s phenomenon, he was undone by excess and paranoia which was highly unusual for 80s strip club owners.  According to Variety, Lisa Schrager, who penned the Heidi Fleiss story “Pay the Girl” for Nicole Kidman at Paramount and “Gangsta Bitches” at Universal, will adapt the film from a manuscript written by Rodney Sheldon.

I for one think this is a great pairing of director to material because Scott will be taking on a person I have no interest in whatsoever.  He also can’t waste Denzel Washington’s time because Banerjee was of Indian descent.  Finally, the perception of Chippendales will fit with Scott’s hyper-kinetic style.  I imagine the film will just be 90 minutes of smash cuts and zooms of men’s junk and oily muscular chests.  That would still be an improvement over his remake of “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3”.

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